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I always lock myself in my room from my family I used to love being with them but now I hardly spend time with them apart from holidys is this just what teeneagers do or do I neeed help

  • What happened between the period of "love being with them" and "hardly spending time with them"? I believe the answer is your attitude towards external environment and your self as an individual and perhaps lack of self love.

  • Spend your time to your family,,it is very important..My teens life is not hard times because I'm sweet to my whole family..all is perfect for me..

  • It is normal for teenager nowadays but it not really good for mental growth. Closeness with family is very important especially in adolescence, because teenage need role models for their life (parents).

  • Sometimes it happens with everyone. But try to be with your family and friends otherwise you'll get negative thoughts and feel alone even when you are not. Talk to someone you trust

  • It is a normal part of growing up but best avoid it. You have to realize that your family loves and supports you. Try to explain how you feel to your parents and hope that they will understand since they were both teenagers once.

  • If you're comfortable with it fine. I do it too. But sometimes when I feel like joining the family, I do join them for a little chat from time to time but most times I stay on my own. I hate bullshit and try my best to avoid it.

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