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I have been seeing an older man for a while now. It feels as if, at least on my part, that I've known him so much longer and belong with him. I've never had this feeling with any other person before, but I become confused as he is warm and passionate one day then wants to slow things down the next. We have not been intimate together physically other than kissing and hugs. I have let him take the lead and have only had texts from him 2 times in the last 2 weeks. I'm frustrated and don't know what to do as I care for him deeply. I think perhaps he is afraid? How long does one put up with this or how do I approach his fears without taking the lead? I feel like I'm in an impossible situation, like I've backed myself into a corner. If anybody has any advice at all I would sure appreciate it and sorely need it. Thank You!

  • My suggestion will be to continue without this person and leave him to be in your life only if he wants. Maybe the story about the butterfly will help you decide. “Do not pursue the butterfly to play with your hand. If it wants to play with you it will came to you. If not, just let it be a beautiful butterfly.” I guess you have work, hobby or something that you do and it completes you. Do not run after nobody, be happy with you, alone.

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